[PQLUG-list] Testing PQLUG broadcast via MailMan...

Parksville-Qualicum Linux Users Group mailing list pqlug at jick.net
Sat Nov 23 14:24:19 PST 2013

After adding pqlug/mailman stuff to /etc/aliases and making some related 
changes to mm_cfg.py, I think it should now be possible to broadcast 
messages to the entire PQLUG list on 
http://pqlug.org/mailman/listinfo/pqlug independently of the more 
verbose tools at http://pqlug.org/peo/ which allow for searching by 
attribute.  I am sending this message to test that hypothesis. If it 
works we will have several alternative ways to reach each other.

Please send me a brief Reply to let me know if you did in fact get this.

Apologies for the otherwise pointless nuisance message!

Cheers -- Jess

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